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Brooklyn-based design and fabrication firm A05 Studio is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for some very cleverly designed furniture . Hoek has been created with all of the small space, move-it-yourself dwellers in mind. This collection of

Brown is a neutral and natural color that, when used in the right environment, can create a warm, stable feeling in any room. An excess of brown or wooden furniture can create a dark, heavy feel in your space.

Soft, warm, elegant, modern – such associations are evoked when looking at the photographs of this bright apartment in an old house in Stockholm. Designers have created a calm and relaxing space while filling it with interesting, trendy furniture

We are always looking to save space around our home; even if we do not happen to live in a small or modest residence. The general tendency among us is to fill up the empty space around us with

The owner of this apartment lived in Berlin for some time but recently decided to return to Kyiv and bought an apartment in the Stalin era house in one of the central districts of the city. Having a great

French and in particular the Parisian style is a reference point for designers around the world, and Poland is no exception. The local studio Goszczdesign recently presented an apartment project in an old building in the center of Warsaw,

London studio Boano Prišmontas has created a prefabricated timber home office that can be built within a day, in response to the increased number of people working from home due to coronavirus . Named My Room in the Garden,

The compactness of this small studio apartment in Belgium was balanced by a pleasant monochrome palette that made the space feel airy and light. It is interesting that of the large furniture in the apartment there is only a

Designers Nadezhda and Givi Ananyevs created a calm and sophisticated design in modern classics for a spacious apartment in one of Moscow’s new hi-rise. Here, elements of European classics are wonderfully combined with modern furniture and decor in a

This two-level attic apartment in Sweden captivated us with its colors and functional solutions. The milky gray finished are perfectly diluted with warm colors: caramel, brown, ocher. Not without wooden furniture and plants – magic wands for almost any

Anna Standish has a love for interiors in her blood, as both of her grandfathers worked in the furniture business: one sold antiques, the other worked in a modern furniture store. It is clear that such upbringing was not

Designers globally have been busy during lockdown. Many have turned their attention to devising ways of living, working, and communicating in a safe way as we begin to emerge from the pandemic Italian designer Federica Biasi has created a

Bernhardt Design just launched their latest collaboration – a collection of tables designed by Claudia and Harry Washington . The La Paz collection of multipurpose tables gives nod to La Paz beach on the Salvadorean coast known for its

Ever dreamt of sleeping in a room surrounded by your favorite comic strip heroes? It's easy

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