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Cretan Malia Park Hotel in Crete has an excellent location at the very edge of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by rocky mountains. This is an ideal resort location with interesting interiors of public areas and rooms. The rooms are

Spending your summer holidays on a cosmopolitan island like Mykonos is probably one of the best things you can do to ensure a great time. What is not to love about the Queen of the Cyclades? The natural beauties?

Esperinos House is an unexpected modern take on the design of a traditional Greek house. Simple and graceful classic exterior here is decorated with an unusual light blue shade with olive shutters – an interesting and very fresh combination!

Does anything sound more appealing than sleeping beachside, inside old wine tanks, the crystal clear waters and powder sound of the Peloponnesian coast footsteps away? The reality at Dexamenes Seaside Hotel is a little more aesthetically harsh than one

The historic and beautiful port city of Thessaloniki is a perfect place to relax, rest and rejuvenate and has been popular with tourists forever now. It is in this lovely port city that one finds the exquisite and exuberant

Despite recent hardships, a wave of design-led boutique hotels has put Greece on the map The arrival of a series of architectural, design-led boutique hotels is always a reliable barometer of a country’s reviving fortunes and, if the wave

Athens based architecture studio R.C.TECH offers a new take on the classic Greek beach house with a single-level volume of interlocking shapes, designed with holiday memories in mind The swimming pool On a flat piece of land along the

located on a steep slope on the island of crete , this summer house by greek architecture company, polyergo, follows the surrounding orography. the residence comprises three volumes that revolve around a central courtyard and an imposing staircase, which

set in a desolate village in mani, greece , detale architecture and engineering has transformed an uninhabited farmhouse with a preserved olive mill, into a holiday home . the old structure was built in 1850 and is comprised of

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