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We're surrounded by gadgets to make our lives easier: app-controlled lighting, smart heating, voice-controlled assistants, remote home security to name a few. Simply, home tech is no longer the future. And, as more and more useful gadgets head into

Even in Covid-free times, unusual and spectacular homes coming to market provide much-needed escapism. And 2020, the most bizarre of years, has certainly delivered on the property front. From a 6ft-wide skinny house wedged between two shops in west

A bright and airy condo is now up for sale in the Bethnal Green section of East London. The three-bedroom home is located inside a former school building, boasting handmade windows and original hardwood floors, as well as a

This incredible home on four levels and a rooftop terrace is located in the Clerkenwell area of ​​London. The building was built in the early 1900s and was originally used as a brewery. Now it is a smart and

2020 meant we saw the rise of the home office. Modern homes have transformed spare bedrooms and even apartment-dwellers have made space for the home office. We even saw classic homes are welcoming extensions that add a home office

The main office of Nune studio is located in New York, as most of their projects are also here. But London is the second largest market for the company, as well as home to co-founder Sheena Murphy. The designer

Those familiar with the extraordinary Italian brand of designer rugs cc-tapis can easily assume that the home of the company’s creators will also be out of the ordinary. Indeed, there is not a single boring or banal corner in

To create a dream home , the designer Montse Morales had to buy two side-by-side small houses and combine them into a large one. The first thing she did after the purchase was to demolish the wall that separated

Tired of typical budget Scandinavian apartments? Explore this gorgeous and one-of-a-kind modern home in the heart of Stockholm. The apartment is located in one of the few glass skyscrapers in the Swedish capital, boasting glass walls, spacious open rooms,

We are always on the hunt for ways in which we can extend the living area of our home and turn unused spaces into efficient and multitasking areas. With the home office increasingly becoming a must in residences across

iOhouse have built a luxurious fully off-grid living space for people who value privacy, design and nature, called the Space. All the utilities you need are integrated and completely autonomous, including water, electricity, heating and Wi-Fi. A smart device

We know very well that Scandinavians usually paint their walls, or, in extreme cases, cover them with wallpaper. But today we have an unexpected home in Goteborg – a small modern apartment with almost all surfaces of concrete. Besides,

Recently redesigned by Robbert de Goede , this inspiring loft is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Description Imagine the possiblity to build a new home ina former gymnasium. A space everyone knows and many architects have fantasized about. First we

Pinner Court in North Harrow © Joshua Abbott The suburbs of 'Metro-Land' — which blossomed in the 1920s and 30s around northwest London and into the nearby home counties — brought about a slew of exciting modernist architecture: from

The Ikea Tiny Home Project is based on Escape's Vista Boho XL, which starts at US$47,550 Furniture giant Ikea has joined forces with tiny house firm Escape to produce a one-off tiny house on wheels. Appropriately named the Ikea

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Today we have a rather spectacular, and at the same time cozy Scandinavian apartment , built on contrasts. First, it is worth mentioning the unusual layout with a walk-through room without windows, in which the designers arranged a home

Staying home for prolonged periods of time can have drastically negative effects on our brains and the way we function. It can almost feel like captivity at times. People can easily slip into periods of depression and a cluttered,

This photo series is designed to give you some coffee-break inspiration. Take five minutes for yourself and enjoy browsing these schemes to get ideas for your own home. Most of us like to have a light close to our

Rikke Senius lives in Copenhagen in a 154 sqm apartment with her husband and three children. They immediately fell in love with the house that was built back in 1899: beautiful tiles, graceful stairs and stained-glass windows still amaze

The world has changed dramatically in the last few months and 2020 has completely changed direction of the way we work, relax and even celebrate holidays! Everything seems to be confined and stepping beyond the borders of our homes

studio puisto has completed a new modular cabin dubbed space of mind on a remote mountainside in porvoo, finland. highlighting flexibility, the cabin can be adapted to a variety of different uses — from a spare bedroom to a

At first glance, it seems that this home is quite simple and straightforward, but upon closer examination, you understand how competently and skillfully each item is selected. Designers of Suite Home Interiors have created a calm and relaxing space

This photo series is designed to give you a coffee-break escape. Take five minutes for yourself and dive into these dream schemes. If you work from home a lot, but have been confined to the kitchen table or your

French studio heju was tasked with transforming an outdated 70s standard apartment into a bright and light contemporary home with a playful mood. The designers approached the renovation with enthusiasm but tried to preserve the original soul and character

Ana Rocha Architecture’s Micro House Slim Fit is a 538-square-foot home that can slot right into forgotten city lots. "I believe that, in the Netherlands, we should intensify the existing infrastructure instead of allowing cities to spread more and

The spa-style bathroom is increasingly a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate right at home. And every modern spa-inspired bathroom needs a fabulous freestanding bathtub at its heart! The first two decades

Despite the fact that this home is located in the famous Stalinist skyscraper in the center of Moscow with characteristic high ceilings and windows, the apartment itself was far from the idea of ​​an ideal dwelling. The odd layout

Photo, Creatv Eight. It might seem like a daunting task, but planning and designing the most important room in your home can be an exciting time. Inspiration sites and platforms such as Pinterest flood us with images and ideas,

This home in the suburbs of Copenhagen is gorgeous in every detail. First, there is a history behind it that is perfectly preserved in traditional architecture as well as stunning stucco molding throughout the house. Secondly, the interior space

Professionals on Houzz benefited from a growth in demand in August following the easing of lockdown, which saw many people spending more time at home. Design and renovation pros received 102% more project leads this August than they did

Working from home comes with a flexible schedule, not to mention savings on travel costs, and you can be closer to family. But distractions can make working from home inefficient. It becomes critical to separate the spaces used for

We are always on the search for new ideas that help change the old into the new and bring new possibilities to existing spaces. Generally, it is the attic and the basements that are often transformed into fabulous living

Whether it’s to add a new bedroom suite, create self-contained accommodation for guests or an au pair, or set up a home office, converting a loft into a habitable space has become a hugely popular way to add more

Sheltering is a fundamental issue in Architecture. The ways of living and interacting with the space in which we spend our daily lives is an everlasting debate in the field, which is committed to providing a better quality of

Full of surprises, Simon and Victoria Proctor’s home in Shepherd’s Bush, where they live with children Max, 14, and Phoebe, 19, appears from the outside to be an unassuming Victorian terrace house. Once you’re inside, however, it changes character.

They’re calling it “broken plan”. With more of us now working from home, possibly for the long term, households want personal space for office, study and leisure — so Londoners are carving up their old open-plan homes into personal

The historic and beautiful port city of Thessaloniki is a perfect place to relax, rest and rejuvenate and has been popular with tourists forever now. It is in this lovely port city that one finds the exquisite and exuberant

Kitchen trends come and go. For a while, homeowners favored a gleaming white, sparkling-yet-sometimes-sterile blank canvas of Carrara marble countertops and slick subway tiles. More recently, we saw the rise of that fad’s polar opposite—the black kitchen . But

We are always looking to save space around our home; even if we do not happen to live in a small or modest residence. The general tendency among us is to fill up the empty space around us with

From the outside, Lost House in London’s King’s Cross neighborhood lives up to its name: Designed by Ghanaian-British starchitect David Adjaye , it sits in a former delivery yard and can be easily missed by passersby. The industrial façade,

A young couple from Denmark has designed a home inspired by the cultures of different countries. The hostess lived in Japan for several years and brought many outlandish things from local flea markets: for example, Japanese figurines, a traditional

This photo series is designed to give you some coffee-break inspiration. Take five minutes for yourself and enjoy browsing these enviable spaces to get ideas for your own home. Illuminating the entrance to your home can be tricky, with

Stoke Newington in North London is one of those fabulous neighborhoods that seems to combine modernity and a happening nightlife with remnants on its historic past and Victorian architecture that seems to transport you back in time. It is

Remember the days when we were allowed to take work home once in a while and that day felt special as you kicked back, did only what was absolutely must for that day and felt like you got rewarded

The tiny home trend has been hard to ignore over the last several years. The increasingly saturated market of TV shows and Pinterest pictures dedicated to the topic of exploring micro-dwellings where your home is reduced to the size

in the heart of madrid , ENORME studio has completed a new family office for xeito investments. the project, which began prior to the current health pandemic, focuses on rethinking the workplace , resulting in a flexible and adaptable

collaborative design studio ABACO has completed the renovation of a small 42 m2 apartment in the heart of paris , france . set within a modern hotel-like building next to the marriott, the flat accommodates a couple of greek

London studio Boano Prišmontas has created a prefabricated timber home office that can be built within a day, in response to the increased number of people working from home due to coronavirus . Named My Room in the Garden,

The compactness of this small studio apartment in Belgium was balanced by a pleasant monochrome palette that made the space feel airy and light. It is interesting that of the large furniture in the apartment there is only a

Those who have spent all their lives in a big city do not generally realize or value the many perks that come with such a life. Sure it can get noisy, hectic and congested at times. But then there

If you are an ardent fan of Decoist or have been around studying the latest trends of the design and architecture world for a while now, then you will know all about how popular modern home extensions that venture

Renovating a house is one thing. What architects Maya Carni and Ran Ankory did to their Victorian terrace home was more like a disembowelment. They stripped their run-down property back to basics, leaving just its front and side walls

We will probably never get bored with Parisian modern classics because the photographs of Parisian apartments can be admired forever. It is especially wonderful when such a talented designer as Jean Charles Thomas undertakes the renovation of a home

Today we have a very beautiful country house with elements of chalet style in the suburbs of Minsk, Belarus. The family lived in Spain for a long time, but recently decided to return to Belarus and complete the project

Staying indoors for what seems like an endless period of time can be really frustrating and with no actual end in sight of the Covid-19 pandemic, there comes a time when we desperately want to spend at least some

From plant-based surfaces to those made from waste products, there’s a vast array of sustainable home materials to choose from. Check out this selection of materials to help you offer clients renovation choices that work alongside the environment. Let

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, architect Denise O’Connor of Optimise Home takes viewers through her renovated 1950s open-plan home in Dublin. She tells Kiya Kelly of the Houzz communications team how she knocked down walls to connect

With all the effort we spend on creating beautiful interiors, the outside of our homes can often be overlooked. Check out these easy ideas for making sure the front of your property gives the kind of welcome you –

Whether you’re looking for a guest bedroom or need somewhere to work from home, it might be worth slotting an outbuilding into your garden. We spoke to four professionals on Houzz to discover whether you need Planning Permission, what

This photo series is designed to give you some coffee-break inspiration. Take five minutes for yourself and enjoy browsing these enviable spaces to get ideas for your own home. Yellow can be a foil for cool shades of grey,

The family who own this home had originally planned to enlarge their house with a basement dig, but had been deterred by council restrictions. Instead, they enlisted the expertise of Josie Harris-Taylor of Kia Designs to reconfigure the space

London architects Freehaus rethink a family home in the city’s borough of Hackney through a balanced combination of minimalism, a material-led approach and clever interventions that respond to their clients’ needs Victorian brick house redesigns are probably among the

Rising in Docklands beside ExCeL exhibition centre is The Botanist, the latest phase of the new 796-home Royal Eden Docks neighbourhood that seeks to “incorporate nature in its architecture”. Green credentials of this E16 location are enhanced by communal

The Chelsea flat where Oscar Wilde lived for 10 years and wrote his 1890 Gothic-philosophical novel The Picture of Dorian Gray is on the market. The ground-floor home at No34 Tite Street is also where Wilde crafted his stage

Split-level: a three-bedroom apartment in Greenwich near Westcombe Park mainline station First-time buyer home of the week: Greenwich, SE10 There’s no stamp duty to pay, plus prime views of Canary Wharf and the City skyline from this bright, spacious

Covid-19 lockdown has got Londoners craving fresh air, wide-open spaces and nearness to nature. However, this trinity of needs is not always satisfied by green space. There are home buyers who find greater peace by the waterside — walking

Daniel Lynch Home repossessions plunged by 93 per cent in the second quarter of this year compared with the same period last year. Just 90 homeowner mortgaged properties were repossessed in the three-month period, according to trade association UK

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, strategically good interior design was viewed as everything from a hobby to a privilege. Now it’s a necessity. One simple fact has changed the world of design: people are spending more time at home .

Pastel shades go very well with English interiors – proved on the example of this wonderful townhouse in London. Pale pink living room, blue kitchen, gray bedrooms – each of the rooms has its own set of colors, but

The owners of this apartment in the downtown of Kyiv, Ukraine, invited designer Elena Petrescu to create a comfy space for rent, but an important condition was to create a home to the taste of the client – they

When we think of attics, the first image that comes to mind is of a dark, dingy and dusty place that we climb up to, in order to dig out those Christmas lights that we boxed away last year.

A balance between the old and the new is one that is hard to achieve. In a city that values tradition as much as it embraces a global cosmopolitan vibe like London, combining the new with the old makes

It is easy to create a wonderful and attractive home when you have plenty of space to utilize. The grand and lavish contemporary home with all its benefits and a backyard to match its grandeur is something that all

The south London family home of Captain William Bligh, the naval commander who was set adrift by his crew in the Mutiny on the Bounty, is on sale for £2.5 million. The officer was the first owner of the

set in a desolate village in mani, greece , detale architecture and engineering has transformed an uninhabited farmhouse with a preserved olive mill, into a holiday home . the old structure was built in 1850 and is comprised of

International flair meets Swiss technology in house with stunning glass walls, unique olive trees, and views of Lake Geneva and the Alps Photos by Elisabeth Fransdonk (, copyright of Naef Prestige Knight Frank/Agence Nyon. Additional photos by Radek Brunecky. Lovers of spectacular design

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